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George Shrinks

Modern Fantasy 9 Comments

This book is about a little boy named George who went to sleep one night and dreamt he was small.  The next morning when he woke up his dream had come true, George was indeed small.  He woke up to find a note that his parents had left him which consisted of chores he was to do for that day.  George actually enjoyed doing his chores bc he was able play while doing them because of his size. 

The Sweetest Fig by Chris Allsburg

Modern Fantasy 5 Comments


 This book is about a mean dog owner, named Mr. Bibot, who is a dentist and gets paid, by an old woman, in two magical figs. He eats one as a bedtime snack and everything he dreamt came true, and one night his dog, Marcel, eats his last magic fig and turns his owner, Mr. Bibot, into the dog. 

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

Modern Fantasy 47 Comments

Click, Clack, Moo by Doreen Cronin: Book CoverFarmer Brown is a little confused when he starts receiving notes from the barn animals demanding blankets and such.  When the farmer ignores their request the animals go on strike.  This book is a comical book that will engage your attention.  The illistrations are wonderful.  This picture book allows you to totally visualize the essence of the story. 

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present by Charlotte Zolotow

Modern Fantasy 3 Comments

The little asks the rabbit for help on finding her mother the perfect birthday present. The rabbit gives up great ideas until they come up with a wonderful gift!

Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letter From Obediences School by Mark Teague

Modern Fantasy 48 Comments

mrslarue.jpgThis is a story of a dog, Ike, who gets sent to obedience school by his owner, Mrs. LaRue. The story is told through Ike’s letters to Mrs. LaRue, trying to convince her that he is absolutely the last dog on earth who would ever be suspected to be sent there. He says, “This place is for bad dogs. I’m not a bad dog.” Through some rather exaggerating words, Ike explains all the actions that got him sent to obedience school in the first place. Finally, Ike can’t take it anymore and he plans an escape. Ike doesn’t do very well out in the “barren waste land” so he decides to return home just in time to save Mrs. LaRue; where she in fact realizes that she does need Ike.

“Pig Pig and the Magic Photo Album” by David McPhail

Modern Fantasy 7 Comments


While Pig Pig was waiting to have his picture taken, he practiced saying “Cheese.”  A strange thing happened to him as he looked at the photographer’s photo album that had been brought along; Pig Pig was transported to the places within the pictures when he inwardly said “Cheese!” To escape from his scary and hilarious escapades, all he needed to do was turn to another picture and say “Cheese!”  This book, with its skillfully drawn watercolor illustrations, vicariously transports the reader right along with Pig Pig. 

Can you guess where Pig Pig found safety? 

Of course . . . home!  Read this book to find out how he accomplished this feat and find out the word that Pig Pig absolutely refused to say!

Arthur’s Baby

Modern Fantasy, Uncategorized 42 Comments

61l-3e-lvl__sl500_bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpgIn this book, Arthur parent’s tell him that they are having anothing child. His sister, D.W., and him are excited. He asks all his friends and they all give him different advice about ear plugs, baby sitting, and other things. When the baby is born D.W. is excited to help take care of there new sister, Kate. Authur isn’t as excited, he doesn’t even want to hold her, he just wants to look. One day their mom asks them to watch Kate while she goes upstairs. D.W. takes charge because Arthur is scared. When the baby cries D.W. doesn’t know what to do, and when she gives Kate to Arthur. He burps her and she stops crying after that.

The Mouse and The Motorcycle- By: Beverly Cleary

Modern Fantasy 51 Comments

138.jpgThe Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a mouse named Ralph who lives in a hotel in California with his family.  Ralph is an adventurous mouse who wants to go out and see his world, but he can’t because he is kept in check by the housekeepers who want to keep the place clean and mice free. Then Keith and his family arrive. Keith has many fun toys but most importantly he has a motorcycle.  He teaches him how to ride his motorcycle and lets Ralph ride around in it at night.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett

Modern Fantasy 40 Comments

This is a book in which a grandfather tells his grandchildren the tall-tale of a town called “Chewandswallow”. The weather of Chewandswallow was unlike any other. It came three times a day, but instead of rain and snow, soup and mashed potatoes would fall. Whatever came from the sky, the people ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, the weather finally took a turn for the worse, and the people of Chewandswallow had to react immediately…..

Night of the New Magicians by Mary Pope Osborn

Modern Fantasy 5 Comments

Night of the New Magician

Night of the New Magicians is another installment of The Magic Treehouse series.  Jack and Annie have to go on a mission to the World’s Fair in Paris, France back in 1889.  They are to meet four magicians and learn their secrets for Merlin before an evil sorcerer can.  The magicians end up being Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Louis Pasteur, and Gustave Eiffel.  The kids learn that hard work is the best way to accomplish anything.

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